Welcome to the Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain

Tai Chi has enjoyed rapid growth throughout Great Britain and indeed throughout the world. This unique oriental martial art has been developing over many centuries. Taijiquan can be reviewed in the wider context of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Meridian system of acupuncture, Taoist Philosophy, psychology, breathing practices, meditation and health science. Many teachers and practitioners see their training as a holistic system of self-cultivation. From the foregoing, it can be seen that Longfei Taijiquan Association has a rich traditional heritage and the training can take a student from novice practitioner to a high level of accomplishment to embrace all aspects of the art. To facilitate learning, information texts are available with videos and books. Weekend courses and seminars are run throughout the year and information on these can be found on our Events Calendar or on request. Private Lessons can be arranged by appointment. Tuition is available across the age spectrum.

The Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain was founded by Richard Watson in 1991. It was founded at the invitation, and with the encouragement of, Master Li Tianji (1913-1996) and his nephew Professor Li Deyin (1938-). Professor Li is one of China’s foremost Taijiquan teacher/coaches.

The Longfei Taijiquan Association is based in Hertfordshire and has teachers throughout Great Britain and the world. Taijiquan (or Tai Chi as it is commonly known) has a historical tradition for the development of good health, the balancing of the body’s structure and its function.

Some of the benefits have been recorded as follows:

Improved Circulation
Physical Equilibrium

Peace of Mind
Promotes Improved Breathing
Self Defence